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Monday, January 19, 2015

Casts 19 and 20.....

We just finished our first trip to Philly for Olivia's third round of casts.  She has now had 20 casts...... I really wish I had kept up with all the trips and flights we have been on.  

#1 7flights, 9 trips
#2 2 flights, 4 trips
Brace pick up, week of pt, check up, new brace pick up
3 TTN, 1 DE
3 delta
2 SW direct
5 SW not direct

I think it is somewhere around 18 trips to Philly. 4 of those we drove, the other 14 we flew, mostly with a layover in Chicago, which means we have been on about 40 airplanes...... Wow! I've always wanted to count all the trips up.  Anyway,  I have not been dreading these trips like I normally do.  Yes, I'll admit I dread them.  Casts are not fun for Olivia.....or mommy.  And we miss "our kids" (she calls her siblings "her kids") and Daddy back home.  However, these casts are SO important because they are leading us up to her big knee surgery!  She will have metal plates put in on the growth plate to stop the front part of the bone from growing while the back will continue to grow.  This will help straighten her legs and get her walking even better!  Those of you that know her, know how independant and headstrong she is, and how she wants to do everything everyone else is doing, and doesn't care that she can't walk.  She'll find a way to make it happen.  I will do what ever I can to give her the ability to do what she wants to do, and enjoy her joy in it all! Her surgery has been changed, they have pushed it up a week, so it is now scheduled for February 11.   Olivia, Ella, Taylor, and I will go up early and she will have two castings before her surgery, then mike and chase will come up for her surgery. The kids are so excited to be going on an airplane for the first time.  I'm just glad they will be with us!
I am also wanting to express my thankfulness for all these trips.  Even though it's stressful and we get homesick, or stuck in an airport for 8 hours.  We have met and been loved by some amazing people through out all our travels.  Strangers on airplanes, new friends at the hospital, friends at the Ronald McDonald House, the Ronlad McDonald House org, the Miracle Flights Org, of course the most wonderful Doctor and staff, Shriner's amazing organization, and friends that love us enough to travel all the way to Philly to be with a girl on her birthday!  If you ever have money burning a hole in your pocket, RMDH, Miracle Flights, and Shriner's, are great places to spend it! 😉

The awesome counter in our room that makes it easy to give Olivia her sponge bath!
We visited the aquarium again with our friends.  We always have so much fun with these girls and their mom!

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