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Thursday, August 1, 2013

6 months.......

It's hard to believe Olivia has been our daughter and sister for just 6 months.  It feels like she has always been here.  We are constantly asked, how is she doing, how is she adjusting? And honestly, she has fit in perfectly.  She acts as though any 3 year old would act, the kids still adore her, and she has attached to both Mike and I. We couldn't be more thankful for how well she has done.  Yes, she is stubborn, and VERY persistent, and maybe even a little spoiled........but that makes for a very strong woman one day! :-)  Her English is coming a long, we are understanding more and more, there are still many sounds she can't say, like "k", or "th", or "f".  But I am sure with time and help, she will get it! Unfortunately she has not gained any weight......but I have stopped worrying so much about it.  She eats well, still not a lot but a decent amount, and she is constantly moving and pulling herself along, so I'm sure she is burning all the calories she eats.  Someone once told me that kids with Arthrogryposis are commonly smaller than their peers, so that may be part of it as well.  
The smelly casts are gone and she is in cute zebra print braces.  She is walking short distances with the help of a walker, and some whip cream.......(We have been bribing her to walk to a certain point with whip cream, no judgement please, she deserves it!)  Times have been a bit crazier than we had expected but so very worth it! Our weekly trips to Philly are done.....for now.  I'm sure we will be doing it again, her feet are already turning back in, which means she will need more casts, but for now we are enjoying the end of summer in the pool, and she LOVES it!  We do have another Philly trip planned for September, the week of my birthday.  She will have a week of "intense" physical therapy. 
On our last trip to Philly we stopped in DC...

These boys were adopted from China also, with Arthrogryposis.

Her new braces!

She LOVES the water!

Before and After!