Hebrews 10:23- "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful."

Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have decided to do more with this blog......Advocate.

My heart constantly hurts for these kids, so I will try to help them,

hoping their families can find them. 

And ask all of you that read my blog to pray. 
Pray for orphans in general (always)

but specifically for the faces you see.
I will list the
children under the advocacy heading you see to the right. 

I pray this will bring more children home. 
Don't get me wrong, I know that this blog is not read by many people who are wanting to adopt, but prayer is SO powerful.  If I can get more people praying for these children, then I know that God will do the rest.  Their families may not find them on here but God will make it so they find them some how.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


A dear friend gave me a great analogy the other day......
She said she felt like God had layed cobblestones,
one at a time,
at her (and her hubby's) feet through out the last few years, directing them to where they are now........
I think this is such a great way to look at what God does in our lives. 
God gives us stones to take a step,
we may see a big step and worry
maybe we go for it,

many times we look at the little steps and wonder what they have to do with anything....
not knowing at the time, that they are the necessary step we must take for what's yet to come, the fillers.
Sometimes we chose not to take the step and it leaves us stuck where we are,
because we have such little faith,
we don't take the step God is giving us. 

I received a text a couple of weeks ago that, if I hadn't been in a room of a hundred strangers, would have had me on my knees. 
A friend that lives in a different state and I have not talked to in quite a while, sent me a message that was nothing but from God Himself. 
The other night I was driving home from work thinking about that message and how God does speak to us,
in different ways,
we just have to be listening. 
He took someone who had no idea what was on my
 heart and mind,
but knew that because of her faithfulness, I would listen,
and spoke to me through her......
How awesome is that......
He had something to tell me and made it so I would hear Him. 
she had NO IDEA what I had been 
and stressing about,
but she heard God telling her to reach out to me and tell me something specific.......
she followed......
and I heard Him! 
Back to the cobblestones.....

We have had many changes over the past few months,
 Mike's job change
me switching to dayshift.....
prayers answered.......
I have struggled struggle with faith.....
I never lived a faith based life.....
until the last 2 years. 
I have grown so much in my relationship with God,
it's amazing how your outlook on everything changes.....
For example, coincidence and fate,
are no longer in my vocabulary.....
I love how I can now see more clearly
all that God does for me.....
the prayers answered,
no matter how they're answered.
He does not always say yes,
many of times I have gotten a  definite
but that's ok.
He knows what's best
 He loves me,
the cobblestones are going where they are meant to,
for Him.
and that is all that matters! 
As I drove home the other night praising God for His faithfulness and love for me,
it was overcast and kind of dreary,
I was almost in tears thinking about that text and Him speaking to me.....
 As I turned the corner to go into our neighborhood,
there was a little piece of blue sky
showing in the midst of the gray clouds,
and I heard God say......